Positive Comments From Our Parents about New Park


Parents Positive Comments:


April 2019

KS4 - I can't thank you enough I'm glad I have met you.
You go that extra mile for a child. Meeting you has definitely opened a lot of doors for my child as well as given me hope because I very nearly gave up, thinking I had failed him.


Year 11 Pupil - Comments Shared at Pupils Review

Parents shared that they felt M's placement at New Park was the best thing that could have happened to M after years of turmoil and upsets.

M now interacts with parents and siblings, shows a great sense of humour and gives hugs, none of which she was able to do prior to her final school placement.

They are proud of her achievements in school and although they realize that the transition will be challenging, they are hopeful that she can succeed.



KS3 - Since our child has started her New Park Outreach Programme, she has improved so much. There is less conflict at home; there are not as many ‘melt downs’, she will engage in conversations and will chat to us; she gets up in the morning; she is like a different child

KS4 - I am really happy with my child’s progress in school. At parents’ evening, I was most impressed with the volume of work he has produced. He is more settled and I am pleased that he moved to New Park.

KS2 - We are so happy with our child’s progress since he has been attending New Park. We feel, for the first time since starting education, he has begun to make academic progress. He has gained a sense of belonging and feels safe in school, hardly ever refusing to come in.

KS2 - He is able to give hugs to us again which he had stopped doing.  April 18

KS2 - I am  very happy with how far my child  has come since his arrival at New Park.

Text message from KS3 child’s mother:  “you are fabulous onwards and upwards and that’s thanks to u x” May 18

Text from KS4 child’s mum: Morning Mrs B just wanted to say great big thank you for the letter you wrote to help us, it’s absolutely perfect, I am sure it will be key to us moving to a new more peaceful home x

Text message from KS4 boy’s mum: Aww thank you so much this has made my whole week  May 18


Feedback from a parent after a recent review of a KS3 Pupil



Nikki has just called me back, she has the following things to say:


  • Very happy with what school are doing to support A – Mum notes that she ‘is a different child’ since starting at New Park
  • A is more settled at home, she understands that what people are doing is for her own benefit
  • A is talking more about how she feels – kick offs are few and far between these days.
  • She seems to be much happier overall in herself
  • A now walks away from instances at home that would have in the past resulted in arguments and kick offs








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